Micro-vu EXCEL501HC imaging instrument

Product Introduction:Features and uses:1. Precision rubber plastic: length, width, height, thickness, radian, distance, positivity, color difference analysis, coarse analysis2. Precision mold: length, width, height, thick

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Features and uses:

1. Precision rubber plastic: length, width, height, thickness, radian, distance, positivity, color difference analysis, coarse analysis

2. Precision mold: length, width, height, thickness, radian, distance, positivity

3. PCB: plate thickness, tin point diameter area alignment, line width, V-cut,Lay out, gold finger, surface defect observation

4. Inspect the size of the mask screen and observe the surface defects

5. Inspect the size of semiconductor packaging wire rack, observe surface defects and take photos

6. Hardware stamping parts: length, width, height, thickness, radian, distance, alignment, coarseness analysis, surface defect observation

7. Size inspection and surface defect observation of automobile parts, communication parts, mobile phone parts,3C parts and Connecter parts

Aluminum alloy castings, precision metal casing, cooling materials, laptop... Equal size measurement

Basic hardware configuration:

Measuring stroke: X500×Y400×Z160 mm

XY axis accuracy: U2=2.8+L/150 micron (L= measured distance)

Z-axis accuracy: U1 =2.8+L/100 micron (L= measuring distance)

Optical ruler resolution: 1.0 micron, display 0.1 micron

Moving speed: manual

Bed material: aluminum alloy

Optical lens/magnification range: 6.5:1 optical magnification with 3X digital programmable segmental magnification lens / 20-720 times

Carrying weight: 10 kg

Dimensions: length 545 width 705 height 775 mm

Machine weight: 55 kg

Environmental requirements: Temperature 20±2°C, humidity 30-80%

Power requirements: dc voltage 93-264 VOLTS, frequency 47-63 Hz, maximum current 3 mA

Software configuration:

InSpec for Windows Geometry measurement software

This is a set of 32-bit geometry application software, using high-speed USB to communicate with the meter and the computer, the obvious function key configuration and fixed window arrangement provides users with a simple operation interface, even when the complex workpiece is easily qualified

Full field measurement tool

Contains a variety of highly sensitive full field measurement tools such as circles, contours, cloud lines, straight lines, O-rings, arcs and ellipses

Color image system

High resolution color video camera with white LED light source

Image processor

Fusion 256 color level identification program and 10:1 pixel resolution image processing program

Axial hand drive system

Instrument working environment

1. Temperature and humidity:

Temperature: 20-25℃, best: 22℃; Relative humidity: 50%-60%, best: 55%; The maximum temperature change rate of the equipment room is 10 ° C/hour. In northern China, the climate is dry, so humidifiers are recommended. It is recommended to use a dehumidifier in the humid climate of southern China

2. Heat calculation of the studio:

· To keep the equipment system in the working room operating in the optimal temperature and humidity space, the total indoor heat dissipation must be calculated, including the total heat dissipation of indoor equipment and instruments (ordinary lights can be ignored).

· Body heat dissipation: 600BTY/ hour/person

· Heat dissipation of the studio: 5/ m2

· Instrument storage space (L*W*H) : 2M ╳ 2M ╳ 1.5m

3, air dust content:

Keep the equipment room clean. The air contains at least 45,000 impurities greater than 0.5MLXPOV per cubic foot. Excessive dust in the air may cause resource read/write errors and damage to disks or read/write heads in disk drives.

4. Vibration degree of machine room:

The vibration degree in the machine room shall not be higher than 0.5T, and the machines that produce vibration in the machine room shall not be placed together, because the vibration will loosen the mechanical part, joint and contact part of the host panel in the machine, and cause the machine to be abnormal.

Three, power supply:

AC220V / 50 hzac110v / 60 hz