The solution of no image in the video during the use of 2D vision measuring software

1. Check whether the CCD is powered on.

Method: Judge from CCD indicator, or use a multimeter to measure whether the voltage has a voltage input, DC12V.

2. Check whether the vision cable is plugged into the wrong input port.

3. Check whether there is a vision card driver.


A. Right click My computer”—“Attributes---Device manager”—“Sound and video game controller”, and then check whether the driver corresponding to the vision card is installed.

B. Pay attention to select the driver consistent with the CCD signal output port and whether the computer system is 32-bit or 64 bit when installing the drive during the use of SV2000E vision card.

4. Modification of the port mode of config file:

Method: Right click the software icon, click Open in the original document, find sysparam from the config file and open it with doube-click. When SDk2000 card is used, 0=PIC,1=USB Type=0. When SV2000E is used, Type=10.

5. Image settings in the software:

Method: Right click in the image area of software and select the camera system from Image source setting. The camera system is divided into N system (imported) and P system (domestic) CCD.


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