Company introduction

Dongguan Chengli Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in South China-Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

Chengli specializes in the production and sales of industrial length measuring instruments and equipments, the integrated 2D vision measuring machine precisely built with high-end accessories such as the SMD raster scale with a resolution of 0.0001mm, P-level guide rail, grinding screw, HCFA servo motor, Shidi software and controller can control every micron for your product measurement.

Over the years, Chengli has been committed to independent research and development, production and sales of length measuring machine, which mainly includes the 2D vision measuring machine, 3D coordinate measuring machine, one-click measuring machine, automatic vision measuring machine, PPG lithium battery thickness gauge, length measuring machine, height gauge, tensile tester, marble inspection platform and industrial optical lens. The business scope includes the modification and upgrading of measuring machine, as well as the customization of non-standard instrument.

Under the continuous efforts of sales, Rand D and after-sales team, the service and product quality of Chengli have been recognized by many customers and peers. On the other hand, we have reached long-term cooperation with many listed company customers and dealers all over the country. At the same time, the Sales and After-sales Departments are established in south and East China to guarantee the supply of goods and technical support for customers.

Chengli’s instruments and equipments can be used for the length and size conformity inspection of modern industrial products, for example: electronics, hardware, circuit boards, FPC soft boards, molds, silicon rubber buttons, terminals, connectors, motor shafts and other products.


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