MicroVu Vertex311uc imager

Product Introduction:Main technical parameters:MicroVu has independent software/hardware development capabilitiesMeasurement software system:A. Inspec full-function measurement softwareB. Image captureC. Tabulation of gra

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Main technical parameters:

MicroVu has independent software/hardware development capabilities

Measurement software system:

A. Inspec full-function measurement software

B. Image capture

C. Tabulation of graphic data

Image Vision system: Vision system automatically controls light source and lens multiplier by digital

Image system: ultra high resolution stereo system

Measuring stroke: X200mm * Y150mm * Z150mm

Drivetrain: The latest Mono Rail slide technology

Servo motor: two optical rulers are used in each axis to ensure parallel accuracy

Accuracy: moving speed 10 inches /Sec(500mm/ second)

Resolution: XYZ Resolution :0.001mm

Repeatability: XYZ Repeatability 0.001mm

Accuracy: XY Accuracy 2um+L/250Z (3.0+L/150) µ

Light source system: programmable computer control light source system

Surface light source: programmable (high brightness LED) multi-layer light source of 27 ~75 degrees

Profile light source: programmable (high brightness LED)

Coaxial light (mirror table) programmable (high brightness LED)

Control: X.Y.Z three-axis joystick, mouse control function

Magnification: Programmable Zoom Lens computer control 17X~410X

The camp screen scanning system measures more than 8 points per second

Operating environment: Windows 2000

Applications: pure 32 bit

Extensibility: Network card serial,Gerber,Excellon connections