SMU-2010EC Manual 2D Vision Measuring Machine

Product Introduction:Ⅰ. Main Technical Parameters and Product Characteristics of the MachineModelSMU-2010EC manual 2D vision measuring machineX/Y/Z measurement stroke200×100╳200mmZ axis strokeEffective space:200mmXYZ axis

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  • Product Features
  • Measuring Tool
  • Work Environment

. Main Technical Parameters and Product Characteristics of the Machine


SMU-2010EC manual 2D vision measuring machine

X/Y/Z measurement stroke


Z axis stroke

Effective space:200mm

XYZ axis base

X/Y mobile platformJinan green marble; Z axis column: square steel

Machine base

Jinan green marble

Size of glass countertop


Size of marble countertop


Bearing capacity of glass countertop


Transmission type

X/Y/Z axis: High precision linear guide and precision polished rod

Optical scale

X/Y axis: High precision optical scale resolution:1μm

X/Y linear measurement accuracy (μm)


Repetition accuracy (μm)


Image system

1/3″high definition CCD800TVL

Lens magnification

Manual continuous zoom lens

Optical magnification:0.7X-4.5X

Image magnification:20X-180X

Image system

Manual measurement software

Image card: SDK2000 chip image transmission system, with clear image and stable transmission.

Illumination system

Illumination: Continuously adjustable LED light (Surface illumination + contour illumination+ infrared positioning)

Overall dimension (L*W*H)




Power supply

AC220V/50HZ AC110V/60HZ

Power switch

Mingwei MW 12V


19 inch display + Special host

After-sales service

1 year warranty for the whole machine

. Measurement Software (Manual projector software)

l With manual focus, the magnification can be switched continuously.

l Complete geometric measurement (multi-point measurement for points, lines, circles, arcs, rectangles, grooves, measurement accuracy improvement, etc.).

l The automatic edge finding function of image and a series of powerful vision measuring tools simplify the measurement process and make the measurement easier and more efficient.

l Support powerful measurement, convenient and quick pixel construction function, users can construct points, lines, circles, arcs, rectangles, grooves, distances, intersections, angles, midpoints, midlines, verticals, parallels, widths, manual focusing and manual contour two-dimensional scanning by simply clicking on graphics.

l The measured pixels can be translated, copied, rotated, arrayed, mirrored, and used for other functions. The time for programming can be shortened in case of a large number of measurements.

l The image data of measurement history can be saved as a SIF file. In order to avoid differences in the measurement results of different users at different times, the position and method of each measurement for different batches of objects shall be the same.

l For complex workpieces, DXF and Excellon (optional) files can be loaded directly and quickly converted into measurement programs to save manual teaching time. Additionally, multiple DXF files can be loaded into the system at the same time, and the height of z-axis displacement of each DXF can be set.

l The report files can be output according to your own set format, and the measurement data of the same workpiece can be classified and saved according to the measurement time.

l Pixels with measurement failure or out of tolerance can be separately re-measured.

l The diversified coordinate system setting methods, including the coordinate translation and rotation, redefinition of a new coordinate system, modification of coordinate origin and coordinate alignment, make the measurement more convenient.

l The function of curve scanning and measurement can quickly calculate the area and perimeter of the curve.

l The shape and position tolerance, tolerance output and discrimination function can be set, which can alarm the unqualified size in the form of color, label, etc., allowing users to judge data more quickly.

l With 3D view and visual port switching function of working platform.

l Images can be output as JPEG file.

l The pixel label function allows users to find measurement pixels more quickly and conveniently when measuring a large number of pixels.

l The batch pixel processing can select the required pixels and quickly execute the program teaching, history resetting, pixels fitting, data exporting and other functions.

l Diversified display modes: Language switching, metric/inch unit switching (mm/inch), angle conversion (degrees/minutes/seconds), setting of decimal point of displayed numbers, coordinate system switching, etc.

l The software is seamlessly connected with EXCEL, and the measurement data has the functions of graphic printing, data details and preview. Data reports can not only be printed and exported to Excel for statistical analysis, but also exported according to the requirements of customer format report correspondingly.

l The synchronous operation of reverse engineering function and CAD can realize the conversion between software and AutoCAD engineering drawing, and directly judge the error between the workpiece and engineering drawing.

l Personalized editing in the drawing area: point, line, circle, arc, delete, cut, extend, chamfered angle, circle tangent point, find the center of the circle through two lines and radius, delete, cut, extend, UNDO/REDO. Dimension annotations, simple CAD drawing functions and modifications can be directly done in the overview area.

l With humanized file management, it can save the measurement data as Excel, Word, AutoCAD and TXT files. Moreover, the measurement results can be imported into professional CAD software in DXF and directly used for development and design.

l The built-in data sorting function is available in the software, which can not only quickly sort the measured data, making the report sorting easier, but also automatically read the specified measurement data during the measurement process, and calculate the statistics coefficient such as the maximum, minimum, and average value.

l The output report format of pixel elements (such as center coordinates, distance, radius etc.) can be customized in the software.

. Working Environment
1. Temperature and humidity
Temperature: 2025, optimal temperature: 22; relative humidity: 50%-60, optimal relative humidity: 55; Maximum temperature change rate in the machine room: 10/h; It is recommended to use a humidifier in dry area, and use a dehumidifier in humid area.

2. Heat calculation in the workshop
·Keep the machine system in the workshop operating in the optimum temperature and humidity, and the total indoor heat dissipation must be calculated, including the total heat dissipation of indoor equipment and instruments (lights and general lighting can be ignored)
·Heat dissipation of human body600BTY/h/person
·Heat dissipation of workshop5/m2

·Instrument placement space (L*W*H)2M 2M 1.25M

3. Dust content of air
The machine room shall be kept clean, and the impurities greater than 0.5MLXPOV in the air shall not exceed 45000 per cubic foot. If there is too much dust in the air, it is easy to cause resource read and write errors and damage to the disk or read-write heads in the disk drive.

4. Vibration degree of machine room
The vibration degree of machine room shall not exceed 0.5T. Machines that vibrate in the machine room shall not be placed together, because the vibration will loosen the mechanical parts, joints and contact parts of the host panel, resulting in abnormal operation of the machine.

. Power Supply
AC220V/50HZ AC110V/60HZ