SMU-3020EA Automatic (2.5D) Vision Measuring Machine

Product Introduction:Ⅰ. Product Specification and ParametersModel/Specification ParametersSMU-3020EA(2.5D)WorkbenchX/Y axis stroke300mm ╳ 200mmZ axis strokeFocusing stroke:200mm,working distance: 90mm(Can be customized ac

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  • Product Features
  • Measuring Tool
  • Work Environment

Ⅰ. Product Specification and Parameters

Model/Specification Parameters



X/Y axis stroke

300mm ╳ 200mm

Z axis stroke

Focusing stroke:200mm,working distance: 90mm

(Can be customized according to customer requirements)

Size of marble countertop

460mm ╳ 360mm

Size of glass countertop

350mm ╳ 250mm

Transmission type

X/Y axis:high precision cross drive guide rail + screw

Z axis: Linear guide rail + screw

imported bearings for X/Y/Z axis

Optical scale resolution

X/Y/Z axis:0.001mm

Linear accuracy of XY measurement


Accuracy of XY repeatability


Driving motor

High performance CNC servo motor


Gigabit network color industrial digital camera

Measurement software

Automatic vision measuring software with simple programming, easy to use

Measurement data can be exported or imported into MES and QMS system according to the report format of customer)


Automatic zoom lens

Optical magnification: 0.7-4.5X,image magnification: 20-128X

The magnification of 10-64X/40-256X can be realized by optional 0.5X/2X objective.


Coaxial light, laser positioning navigation

Probe and laser head

(Measure the height of workpiece)

Illumination system

Surface:5-ring 8-division LED cold illumination, with long service life and adjustable brightness (255 levels)

Contour:LED white cold illumination, with long service life and adjustable brightness (255 levels)

Overall dimension(L*W*H)

850mm ╳ 1500mm ╳ 1600mm



Ⅱ. Working Environment

1. Temperature and humidity

Temperature20-25℃,optimal temperature:22℃; relative humidity:50%-60%,optimal relative humidity:55%; Maximum temperature change rate in the machine room10℃/h; It is recommended to use a humidifier in dry area, and use a dehumidifier in humid area.

2. Heat calculation in the workshop

·Keep the machine system in the workshop operating in the optimum temperature and humidity, and the total indoor heat dissipation must be calculated, including the total heat dissipation of indoor equipment and instruments (lights and general lighting can be ignored)

·Heat dissipation of human body600BTY/h/person
·Heat dissipation of workshop:5/m2

·Instrument placement spaceL*W*H):2200mm ╳ 2000mm ╳ 2000mm

3. Dust content of air
The machine room shall be kept clean, and the impurities greater than 0.5MLXPOV in the air shall not exceed 45000 per cubic foot. If there is too much dust in the air, it is easy to cause resource read and write errors and damage to the disk or read- write heads in the disk drive.

4. Vibration degree of machine room

The vibration degree of machine room shall not exceed 0.5T. Machines that vibrate in the machine room shall not be placed together, because the vibration will loosen the mechanical parts, joints and contact parts of the host panel, resulting in abnormal operation of the machine.

Ⅲ. Power Supply

AC220V/50HZ AC110V/60HZ